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Your address number should be posted at your driveway, visible from both directions of travel. Emergency vehicles could possibly respond from either direction. Remember, in an emergency there is no time to waste, mark you home so it can be easily located.
How are Address numbers issued?
In most of Walker County we use a measured system to determine your address number. There are 1,000 numbers in each mile, or one address each 5.28 feet. This system is easy to use for emergency responders, mail, and delivery services. Example - All roads have a beginning point which usually is 0. Even numbers are on the right and odd numbers are on the left. If your address is 100, that would make you be 1/10th of a mile on the right. 500 would be a 1/2mile on the right. 1000 would be a mile on the right. You can see that an address number can be easily located by utilizing this type system. When the fire department hears an address of 6200 they know it is 6.2 miles on the right from the beginning of the road.
How are road names assigned?
Walker County 9-1-1 has been designated as the street naming authority for Walker County. we also coordinate street naming with the municipalities to avoid duplicate names. New roads are normally named by the residents or developer of a subdivision. We check that the proposed name is not already in use, and then approve or deny the request. To name a road that is not already named after a specific person requires 100% agreement of the existing residents of the road. To select a generic street name requires 70% agreement.
How do I get a new address?
Each home and business in Walker County should have an address. When you move into a permanent structure, the address does not change. If the person you buy or rent from does not know the address, call our business office at 221-7911. We can probably determine the address over the phone if you know your neighbor's name and addresses, description of structure you are moving into, and the correct road name. If you are moving into a new structure or location, a new address number must be assigned. This requires us to drive to your new location to measure the address along the road. If this is a mobile home the mobile home has to be located where you are going to reside, and if it is a new house the house has to be staked off and strings run. Call in advance as much as possible we try to go out on Tuesday and Thursday each week. Sometimes this is not possible but we will address at earliest time. Call the business office and tell us that you need an address for a new structure.
Can I get a list of names and addresses?
NO. We do not give out names and addresses to the general public. This information is shared with public service agencies, but only for their official duties.
Why are some driveways named?
When there are four or more structures with addresses on driveway or extremely long driveway, we assign a name and issue address numbers using the new road name. This is done to reduce confusion when responding to emergencies. Assigning a name to a private drive does not mean that the city or county will maintain the road or that the mail carrier will deliver mail to the houses on this driveway. It is still a private drive, it just has a official name.